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Drug Packaging Service

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As in the scrambled for food, ink print legend (Lot, Date of Manufacture, Expiry Date, etc..) Specified to different materials for medicines. Because of the importance of such products, information verification of documentation is done by comparing against the material delivered by Bodega.


As in the area of food, this procedure is to place the product on its packaging is primary to a secondary packaging material according to the necesidaes and customer requirements. and is also performed by qualified personnel under strict quality standards by the Chief of Logistics, Production Supervisor, Head of Quality Management and Control, Head of Production and Technical Management.

In case of any abnormality (tightness, appearance, code, text), the process stops immediately to inform the supervisors of quality and production.


We have a quality assurance program focused on the lines of work like this: Areas of medicines and cosmetics, Certification GMP (good manufacturing practices) hazard analysis and critical control points for the area of food and ISO 9001:2000 Certification to the area for industrial and bags.

We also have the best facilities, equipment and skilled human resources to achieve the required quality products to satisfy our customers.

Drug Packaging Service